Inspection guide

Routine inspections will be carried out on a regular basis. The first inspection will done at approximately 6 weeks after the commencement of your tenancy and then 3 monthly thereafter. Inspections are mandatory and we provide between 7 – 14 days notice of the upcoming inspection via email and SMS. These inspections are conducted on iPads and will involve photo’s and/or video being taken. If there are any belongings you would prefer not be photographed please let our inspector know on arrival or cover up these items if possible prior to your inspection. An electronic copy of the inspection report will be forwarded to your email address for your records upon completion. It is important that we conduct regular inspections so that we can confirm the property is being maintained as per lease requirements and keep up to date with any repairs or maintenance. Please take this as an opportunity to show case your property!

Use the checklist below to ensure that the following are satisfactory before we inspect the property

Inside the property:

  • The interior of the property is clean and tidy.
  • The carpets are clean and stain free.
  • The kitchen is clean.
  • The oven and stove top are free of burnt on food/carbon stains.
  • Shower, bathroom/s and toilet/s are clean.
  • The laundry is clean.
  • The windows are generally clean, including tracks and sills.
  • All areas and rooms are fully accessible (not locked).

Outside the property:

  • The lawns are freshly mown, edged and maintained.
  • Gardens tidy and presentable with weeds removed.
  • Rubbish, garden refuse and lawn clippings removed.
  • No unregistered car bodies on the property.
  • Oil stains removed from carports, garages and driveways.
  • All areas accessible.
  • Swimming pool clean and maintained (if applicable).

If you have an approved pet:

  • Any droppings are picked up and removed.
  • Any pet damage repaired.
  • Ensure dogs are restrained for the inspection.