Start My Own Just Property Management Franchise

Have you ever thought about starting your own Real Estate company? Why not specialise in Property Management like Us! If you are a property manager that would like to run your own company then speak to us today! If you are not currently in the industry then speak to our franchising team about what you need to do to qualify to run your own office.

Thank you for expressing interest in Starting your own Property Management office. Property Management is a wonderful industry to be in, people always need a property to rent, many landlords manage their properties privately but many also entrust their properties to trained professionals like us. If you are a property manager that has a desire to run their own business or if you see the business for what it is and would like to apply please do.

Whats the process from here?

If you submit an inquiry we will contact you directly and arrange a face to face or online meeting.

After the meeting if you would like to proceed we would complete a due diligence process.

  • Take a first step towards running your own Just Property Management Franchise