Pets or no pets?

This is completely up to you and there are arguments both for and against. You will most likely know if you’re happy to have pets on your property already.

Reasons for:

  • Many really good tenants who have a family pet never get to apply for properties simply because they are advertised as no pets.
  • Quite often tenants will pay more rent if they can have a property that allows their pet.
  • Pets are only as bad as the owner of the pet allows. No dog is going to come inside the property if the owner of the pet does not allow it.
  • We always collect a pet bond of $260 and ensure the property is fumigated for fleas inside and out when the tenants vacate.
  • You can always specify which kind of pet you’d allow such as ‘no cats’.

Reasons against:

  • If a tenant does allow a pet into a property, it can cause damage – for example, leaving a bad odour which can be very hard to remove. Grass and yards can be damaged by the pet.
  • If allowing pets a thorough rental check on the tenant and pet is essential.

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