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    What If The Tenant Hasn’t Paid The Rent And I Still Need To Pay The Mortgage?

1. I hear so many horror stories about bad tenants, what happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent?

To put it simply, we have a ‘no payment, no tolerance’ policy meaning if tenants miss paying rent they are given notice to vacate.

That said, it very rarely comes to this for a number of important reasons:

  1. Just Property Management has a thorough screening process of new tenants that has been refined over the past 14 years to a fine science. This ensures only the very best tenants receive our approval, and therefore very few problems arise.
  2. We pride ourselves on excellent and open communication with tenants. This ensures that we can often pre-empt potential red flags before they arise and find a solution before things become a problem.
  3. We have a very comprehensive follow-up and reminder system to reduce arrears as much as possible including phone, SMS, email and letter based reminders depending on the tenant’s preferences.
  4. We offer tenants multiple payment options making it as easy as possible for them to make payment on time every month or as arranged. This includes, cash, bank transfer, cheque, credit card, BPAY or our most popular direct debit option.

2. What is the bond money used for?

Bond is equivalent of a mini insurance policy against your property and can be used to cover any damages, cleaning, outstanding rent and/or water accounts at the end of the tenancy.

Generally speaking, tenants must pay the equivalent of four weeks’ rent as bond when they move in.

An additional $260 is added if tenants have permission to bring their pet along. This covers any additional cleaning that may be required.

If the rent is over $500 per week or if the property was the owner’s principal private residence for the whole three months preceding the tenancy there is no prescribed limit the owner may charge a higher bond if they wish.

Our bonds, as is dictated by law, are held with the Bond Administrator (a section of the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection).

3. Can I come on periodic inspections?

Yes! You’re more than welcome to accompany us on inspections although we find that most landlords are happy to leave the hard work to us – that’s what we’re here for after all.

Inspections are carried out every 90 days or when a tenant vacates.

We follow a detailed condition checklist which you can review by clicking here. Once completed, we then write a full report, a schedule of recommended routine maintenance and take some photographs for reference.

These detailed reports are then uploaded to your ‘Landlord Portal’ where you can check them anytime by logging in online. Easy!

When it’s time for a tenant to move on, we will inspect the property and ensure they leave the property spick and span and in its original condition (fair wear and tear excepted). We also advise you immediately of any maintenance or renovation work that may be required.

4. Do you recommend landlord insurance?

“Don’t learn safety by accident!”

Whilst we would love to say there is never a problem, when your trusting such an important asset to others, no matter how well screened, sometimes they can let you down.

Landlord insurance is way of protecting your biggest asset in these rare instances. It gives you additional peace of mind that if things really go pear shaped, you’ll be protected no matter what.

Just Property Management are authorised representatives for EBM Insurance Brokers and we can provide you with further information on choosing a policy that best suits your needs. For more information phone our team on 08 9791 8855, or visit us in person in your local office, or email reception@justpropertymanagement.com.au.

5. Can I choose who rents my property?

Yes! When renting out your property, our specialised team will put together a short list of applicants that meet our strict criteria.

We will also ensure that we meet there’s.  That your property is in the right location, close to features important to them such as schools and family.

By having happy tenants that love the way we work and the area they live, we can ensure their rental experience will be an enjoyable one, and in turn, your property will be in caring hands.

To meet our criteria, tenants will go through the following checks:

  • A thorough identification check;
  • A detailed tenancy database search;
  • Verification from their current/former landlords/agents;
  • Verification of their employment;
  • Verification that they can afford the rent and all other monies payable under the tenancy agreement.

Unless you’re happy for us to choose your property’s perfect partner, all tenancy applicants – once interviewed and reference checked by us – will be presented to you for final approval.

6. Can I sell my investment property with a tenant in it?

Yes! It is no problem to sell your property while rented and we have helped many investors do just that through our partner company Barr and Standley Real Estate where you can enjoy the same great service you enjoy with Just Property Management.

For information on how we can help you sell your property, call us on 08 9791 8855, visit us in person in your local office, or email reception@justpropertymanagement.com.au.

7. Do you recommend to fully-furnish our house to attract tenants such as Worsley Alumina?

Yes and No!  Depending on demand it can sometimes be more beneficial to rent your property unfurnished to ensure long-term tenants. That said, if a company such as Worsley Alumina is in a growth phase, then it can be a great advantage to have your home fully furnished ready for workers and/or their families to move into.

What I like to offer, is that when the time comes, chat to our team and we will always advise you of the current demand of furnished properties.  If the demand is low we may recommend that the property be advertised as the option of unfurnished to ensure that the property has continual cash flow.

8. Do any corporate companies require a lot of rental accommodation at the moment?

Just Property Management enjoys long term relationships with many corporate entities and are proud to be associated with companies such as Worsley Alumina, Worsley Bechtel, Piacentinis, South West Area of Health, V & V Walsh, Main Roads WA, Woolworths and Worley Parsons.

Corporate entities have different needs at different times so please ask us which companies’ requirements may suit your property.

9. What happens if my grass and garden turns into a jungle?

As with the inside of your home remaining as per original condition, the same goes for your garden. We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to restore a garden or reseed lawn to its former glory.

At every 90 day inspection photos will be taken of the outside area, and if is not up to standard we will work with the tenant to bring up to standard ASAP along with issuing breach notices if required. This will escalate to termination and court eviction if required, at your discretion of course.

10. I’ve found another real estate agent with lower fees. Why should I stick with Just Property Management?

The property management field has become very competitive in recent years.  There are lots of real estate agents adding ‘property management’ onto their standard buying and selling of homes. Often these companies will charge lower fees because their core focus is on the income they make from sales commissions.

Specialised property management like that of which Just Property Management offers, is vastly different.  Our team ONLY works in property management and has over 14 years of experience helping landlords maximise return.

Our core focus is ensuring our clients like you are 100% happy and earning maximum return (often up to 20% higher than our competitors) along with nurturing tenants to ensure long term relationships and gold class property care.

This is why over 25 landlords a month are transferring to Just Property Management. I believe our systems are the best in Australia, and our clients I’m happy to report, seem to agree with us.

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