I’m ready to go now! How can I get my property rented out fast?

Think of renting out your home in a similar way to selling your home. How would you prepare your property to entice your perfect buyer? The same philosophy will hold true to find your perfect renter.

The more aesthetically pleasing your home is to potential renters, the more likely you will find your perfect match and enjoy a long and happy tenant/landlord relationship.

Here’s our top 10 tips to displaying your home for rent.

1. Remove excess furniture (if renting fully furnished).

Less furniture will make your home seem roomier and less cluttered. Leave in key feature pieces that the renter will need, but remove everything else that clutters up the space.

2. Remove personal belongings.

Whilst you love to have that family portrait hanging over the fire place, it’s probably not the first choice for your potential renters. Take down and store any family photos, memorabilia, sporting prowess and general personal items and leave just the bare essentials that enhance the space.

3. Bring out your green thumb.

Enlist the help of friends or family, or pay a local professional to give your garden a clean-up. Mow the lawns, trim hedges and ensure all reticulation is working as it should. The ‘lower maintenance’ you’re able to leave your garden, the easier a potential renter will find it to maintain.  If you have a family backyard, ensure play equipment is safe to use.

4. Remove and store what isn’t needed.

Don’t be tempted to move the excess furniture out of the house/garden and into your garage for storage.  Your new tenant needs to be able to make themselves at home, and if your gear is falling out of cupboards and taking up to much shelf space, it will be difficult for them to make it their own space. Remember, you’re aiming to get the best calibre tenants possible, so you must prepare your home accordingly.

5. Paint if needed.

If you care for your home, then your tenants most likely will too. A fresh, neutrally coloured coat of paint can do wonders to make a house look like new. It will also ensure tenants have a high standard to maintain come inspections.

6. Safe and Secure.

If you have a pool make sure the fencing is up to code, make sure all locks have keys and windows are working properly.  A neighbourhood emergency kit is a nice touch so your new tenants know where the nearest police station and doctors surgery is located, along with direct neighbours contact details in case of emergency.

7. Fix and Repair.

Pull out the tool box and complete any of those niggly little jobs you’ve been putting off.  New light bulbs, that dripping tap, that missing kitchen cupboard handle.

8. Steam Cleaning. 

Eliminate any smells or pets or smoke by having your carpets and curtains steam cleaned. Not only will it leave your house smelling fresh, but will ensure your tenants appreciate the high standard of which your home is to be kept up to.

9. Power Check.

Ensure that all electrical wiring and power points are safe. This includes any electrical appliances that are included with the property.

10. Take out comprehensive insurance cover on the property (including public liability).

You don’t want to be sued by a prospective tenant who accidentally injures themselves whilst inspecting the property.

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