Specialised Property Management – Just Property Management

“Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and help you get to know a little about who you may be working with in the future.

Just Property Management has been under my care since 2005 when my brother and I took over the reins from the previous owner who was looking to retire. We’d both been a part of our father’s real estate business and since purchased the business from him, so we had lots of experience under our belts learning under dad’s watchful eye and were eager to expand our services.

In the beginning it was tough. We certainly jumped in the deep-end, and after the wheels began to fall off I opted to work full time in Just Property Management whilst my brother ran the Real Estate Business (Barr and Standley)

Going against the grain and focussing just on property management was the best decision we ever made. Whilst other real estate agents were trying to ‘do it all’ I was able to specialise. When you focus on just one thing, you can become very good at it.

The first thing I did was put the business under the microscope and systemized every little thing. If something was repeated three times it was worthy of a system and procedure. Through trial and error we started to perfect the way we did things.

As I strived to give our landlords the best service possible, a miracle happened – they actually liked us! Clients were happier and happier, and I was less and less worn out. Staff stayed longer, we were better equipped to manage our relationships with tenants and investors – everything just worked.

Today, we have approx. 18 – 23 new property investors come on board every month, and most are referrals from friends or clients. Property owners who work with us feel secure that we will competently complete the job, we collect the rent and pay the bills on time, and they know they can always get in touch with us.

With 18 – 23 property investors a month making the switch to Just Property Management we are proud of fast becoming the 1st choice in property management in Australia.

With a dedicated team of property manager’s eager to ensure 100% satisfaction for investors and tenants, our process is a win-win for all involved. This means property investors maximise rental returns, while happy, dedicated tenants enjoy great service and go above and beyond to ensure your investment is well cared for.


Five Great Reasons to Speak to Just Property Management Today about your property needs:

1. Family Owned and Operated:
Property is our family business, and our values – integrity, honesty, and openness – are lived not only at home, but infused into every aspect of our daily lives, in and out of the office.

2. Dedicated Property Management Company:
Property Management is all we do. When you focus on just one thing you can become exceptionally good at it. Our staff are highly niche trained to ensure you enjoy outstanding customer service.

3. Higher Rental Returns and Faster Leasing Times:
Our systems and procedures qualify property investors who trust their property to Just Property Management to receive faster letting times, better quality tenants with better rents.

4. Innovation:
That’s right, we don’t do last week stuff. We are cutting edge, from Live Viewings on Facebook to 3D Virtual Tours for your property to work flow maintenance systems and tenant booking systems, we have just what you need.

5. Personal Online Property Portal:
Check in anytime to see the status of your property, the status of rental payments, bills to be paid, and look over past inspections. Your investment property is always at your fingertips so although we manage all the details so you don’t have to worry, you can always check in for peace of mind.

To learn more about how Just Property Management can help you better manage your rental property, or find you the perfect new home then please contact us today.